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          去年是“一次设备”和“时间打造”多尔在作为网上赌博- 网络赌博游戏建造新的小屋,使我们的校园康涅狄格户外和公共教育,环境可持续发展成为可能。在这样做时,约翰·杜尔性质的实验室,现在更能够实践它教导环保课。多尔还作为激励了我们大家在网上赌博- 网络赌博游戏向我们布朗克斯和曼哈顿校区可持续发展工作,同时通过最高架上师理科班幼儿园赋予教育我们的学生,使他们瞄准的目标可持续发展在他们的生活,现在和未来。

          博士。托马斯凯利,学校的负责人,2010年春季网上赌博- 网络赌博游戏杂志


          In the fall of 2009, two teachers, Karen Johnson (Upper Division Visual Arts) and Woody Howard (上师 Theatre, Dance & Film Studies), were asked by Dr. Kelly to co-chair a committee on sustainability. Ms. Johnson and Mr. Howard were asked to invite a cross-section of the administration, faculty and staff to participate on this committee. Once formed, the committee was charged with the creation and implementation of a Nursery through Twelfth Grade 可持续发展政策. The 可持续发展委员会 continues to meet several times each year and has shifted its focus from policy and procedure to the actual implementation and monitoring of new green initiatives.

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